The infamous king salmon


King salmon Today we are going to be talking to you about the infamous king salmon. This is a fish that a lot of people have trouble catching because they are just so strong. Some of them can grow up to be over 150 pounds which is pretty crazy considering that they are all 100% muscle. If you get one of these on your line, expect a big uphill battle because these ones are not easy To reel in.   Most of them have more energy than you can possibly imagine because they never sleep.

When you are trying to catch a king salmon you want to make sure that you take it slow and easy with them and let them tire themselves out. If you’re constantly fighting back you might rip the hook out of her mouth and lose the fish or it will tire you out first. Let it swim and swim and slowly real in an inlet at swim out.   These fish can only push for so long because they can’t expend too much energy. They will start to get tired after about 10 minutes because they will just go in till they have nothing left. That gives you the advantage because all you have to do is sit there. What we would recommend is that you pick up a carbon fiber fishing rod that is extremely strong and then put it on  lock mode so that the fish is constantly swimming and not moving anywhere. Once the fish is completely tuckered out, you should be able to just real it in nice and easy.  Continue reading

The different types of fish to catch when sports fishing

Fishing morning

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Sports fishing is when you catch very big fish in preferably a deep River or out in the ocean. In this blog post we are going to be talking to you about the different types of fish there are to catch when you are sports fishing. Below will be a list comprised of the most common ones you can find.

  •  Steelhead-steelhead is a very common fish we see when people are sports fishing. If you do not know what is steelhead is, it is like a salmon but a little bit bigger and not a salmon. It has a taste that is very similar to salmon.  This is a very aggressive fish and it is hard to catch because it will swim away no matter what. These fish also don’t feel any pain so they can keep swimming and swimming and swimming and you might not catch them. A lot of times these fish or even ripped the hook out of their mouth’s so you’ll come up with an empty line.
  •  Salmon-salmon is one of most common fish you will see when sports fishing especially in a river because especially when it is salmon season it is pretty much the fish that dominates the rafters. All the other fish get scared when salmon come through because they are very big and they will eat smaller fish sometimes.  There are many different types of salmon. There are sockeye salmon, king salmon, Atlantic salmon, and many other more. This is an even harder fish to catch then steelhead because these fish are extremely aggressive and if you run into a king salmon that weighs 100 pounds or more, you will need a guy that is very strong to pull it in. Also, you want to make  sure that you have a hook that is very sturdy and big so it will stick right in the fishes mouth. This way it will not fall out and you will come up with a king salmon every time. These are great fish to catch especially if they are kings because they are extra large fish and worth a ton of money.

Those of the two types of fish that you are primarily going to see inside of a river when sports fishing. Remember that when you are fishing for sport you were trying to catch as many as you can as fast as possible.

We recommend that you check out for videos on sports fishing so that you can see what it’s like.

The sports fishing blog

Sports fishing

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